I’m Kate. Full-time ICU nurse and a novice (but avid) soap maker. I also LOVE to try my hand at anything DIY/crafting/cooking/event-planning, and I’m an enthusiastic cake/cupcake baker. I’m married to a awesome guy who loves to make his own home-brews. Basically… we make a lot of beer-related soap in this house. It all started a few years back after spending a few paychecks at LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics. The soap I bought from LUSH felt so much better on my sensitive skin, and I was hooked. Eventually, I decided I really needed to stop spending all my money on “trying out” all the different soaps – and instead, decided I wanted to try and make my own. And so it began. I love using all-natural, holistic ingredients whenever possible. Being a nurse, my hands used to become dry, cracked and painful from frequent hand-washing. For that reason, I have formulated many of my soaps to be super-moisturizing with honey/oatmeal and all-natural oils.

Sidenote: Growing up, my mother affectionately referred to me as a little “ragamuffin.” I will forever be the short one (everyone else in my family is tall), and my sleeves/pants have always been too long. My height has maxed out at 5’2, womp womp. Nonetheless, “Ragamuffin” seemed like the perfect fit for my soap blog!


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