First post!

Since I’m becoming more and more addicted to soap-making, it seemed only natural to create a blog to accompany my obsession. With the help of some amazing blogs and YouTube tutorials, I have learned (and continue to learn) all about cold-process soap making, as well as swirling and coloring techniques. I made my first batch of lavender chamomile goats-milk soap over a year ago, and have taken some classes locally since then. Not only is it a fun and productive hobby, but I have found that home-made soap is SO much better for my sensitive skin. My hope is to inspire others who are interested in soap making, and meet other soap-makers who inspire me. I am always looking for feedback and suggestions, so if you have ideas for future soap batches, please comment!

For those who may not be familiar, or are new to soap-making: cold-process (CP) soaps do not contain the harsh chemicals that are found in name brand soaps. CP soap making can be dangerous as lye (sodium hydroxide) is used. Lye is a harsh, caustic chemical, similar to bleach, which can cause severe burns if not used with caution. Fortunately, the lye is slowly “saponified” (neutralized) by the oils and fats in the soap as and deactivated over the course of a 3-6 weeks (referred to as “curing” period for your soap). The end result is a bar of lovely old-fashioned SOAP!
Happy soaping! -Kate

My first bar of CP soap!

My first bar of CP soap!


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